Exploring the Interior of Pluto

Although we can never visit the interior of a far-off planet, we can use the observed mass and radius of the planet, plus some assumptions about what is inside (rock, water, ice, gas, etc) to create a plausible model of the interior of the planet. (SpaceMath@NASA)

You can explore the properties of Pluto in this blab. Here’s a preview:

Basic Properties of Mars as a Planetary Body

Mars is actually a very simple body. It is round, it spins, and it has mass. Although we can’t visit the interior of Mars, or any other planet for that matter, there are ways that we can explore a planet’s interior just by knowing a few basic things about it as a planet. In this lab, you will create a model of the interior of Mars by knowing three basic things about its bulk properties. (SpaceMath@NASA)

In this blab we explore the properties of Mars. As a preview, its mass can be inferred from measured satellite data: